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Understanding Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies are successful businesses and make a lot of money, in part, because they deny claims as a matter of routine. If you have an accident, you expect your injuries to be covered by insurance. If you are disabled, you expect your disability insurer to provide you with payments. If you are falsely accused of causing car accident injuries, you expect your auto insurer to represent you and fight the claims.

Insurance bad faith is not necessarily the same thing as having a claim denied. At the Bossart Law Firm, P.C., we have more than 40 years of experience going up against the large insurance companies. Please contact us if you have any of the following types of insurance bad faith issues:

  • Termination of disability benefits — Your insurer was covering disability payments but claims that you are no longer disabled and cuts you off.
  • Denial of disability benefits — You bought disability insurance, and your insurance company thinks you are not disabled and refuses to pay.
  • Failure to represent — You are in a car accident, the other party was negligent or at fault, and your insurer refuses to represent you for a claim made by the other driver.
  • Coverage denial — You bought a no-fault auto insurance policy and are hit by a driver without insurance, and your auto policy does not cover the claim.

North Dakota Bad Faith Insurance Representation

At our law firm, we have a thorough understanding of insurance companies and the state laws that apply to coverage and disability payments. If you are denied insurance benefits and you are our client, we offer to accomplish the following on your behalf:

  • Investigate any accident or incident in great detail
  • Thoroughly document all current and future health implications
  • Retain experts, such as a forensic accountant, neurologist or accident reconstructionist
  • Hold the liability insurance company liable

Let Us Guide You Through the Survival Process ∙ Free Initial Consultation

We do not charge a lawyer’s fee unless we are successful in your claim. If you suffered severe injuries due to an accident or the negligence of others, please send us an e-mail or call 866-781-7420 to schedule an appointment with an experienced Fargo insurance claim attorney.

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