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The Bossart Law Firm Philosophy

The Bossart Law Firm, P.C., located in Fargo, North Dakota, serves clients throughout North Dakota and in many areas of northwestern Minnesota. As an experienced personal injury attorney, David Bossart takes the time to lessen client fear by making sure they are well informed at all times.

Personal injury litigation is a lengthy process. In fact, the full extent of injuries is not known for some time. At the Bossart Law Firm, P.C., clients are kept apprised of the progress of their case, questions are anticipated and worries are relieved.

Serious Injuries ∙ Serious Lawyer ∙ Serious Results

“There are many lawyers and law firms, but I believe there are only a very small number of lawyers who have the years of experience and track record of success that my firm possesses. Perhaps more important than what we do and the results we get for our clients is our method and manner of how we go about doing it. People who suffer a personal injury that is serious and results in permanent, lifelong injury to their bodies because of someone else’s careless actions need a lawyer who sincerely cares about them as people as much as they care about their case. It is no surprise or accident that our clients become our lifelong friends and stay in touch with us many years after their cases have been concluded. We consider them very special friends. We guide our clients carefully and compassionately through the entire process, so they know what to expect and how to respond.

Insurance companies today are making it harder and harder for people who have sustained serious, permanent, physical and emotional injuries from an accident to receive reasonable and fair compensation. Representing clients today demands skill, tenacity and most important, experience in knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it. My law firm and our staff possess those qualities. We are not just interested in getting our clients fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries or losses. I know what to do to help them emotionally and psychologically through the litigation process. Dealing with most insurance companies today in serious cases is just like going to war. Without help from the right lawyer it can be overwhelming. We can help make it a lot easier for you and your family.

Cases involving serious, permanent, disabling injuries are no place for the timid or inexperienced lawyer.” — Attorney David Bossart

A North Dakota Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

We do not charge a fee unless we are successful in your claim. If you suffered severe injuries due to an accident or the negligence of others, please send us an e-mail or call 866-781-7420 to schedule an appointment with an experienced Fargo personal injury attorney.

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